5 breakthroughs in the history of Kronwalling

Posted on 2014/02/14


With Henrik Zetterberg suffering from a back injury, Niklas Kronwall will captain the Swedish squad in the Sochi Olympics 2014.

The Detroit D-man has truly mastered the art of brutal open ice hitting called ”Kronwalling”, an art which scientists newly discovered is as old as the world as we know it.

1. Pre-humanity: The Destruction of Pangaea

Niklas Kronwall destroys Pangea

2. It used to be called ”The vertical tower…”

Niklas Kronwall creates the leaning tower of Pisa

3. It doesn’t matter who got to the moon FIRST…

Niklas Kronwall tackles Neil Armstrong

4. Nick’s been dishing out democracy since 1987.

Niklas Kronwall brings down the Berlin Wall

5. But eventually, Kronwalling got mainstream.

Niklas Kronwall is Miley Cyrus wrecking ball

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